About Us

GRIND.KIND.MIND, a better life movement, is a groundbreaking educational platform and community, made up of driven, hard-working individuals. We strive to inspire each other in the pursuit of greatness in all of our lives, as well as in the lives of those around us. Our leaders are made up of successful sales professionals, entrepreneurs, coaches, authors and even athletes.

Our main objective from creating this movement, is to help develop better mental health, resilience, efficiency, purpose and income in the lives of our community members. We achieve this via workshops, access to exclusive deals on approved products and/or services, exclusive content and also private coaching. 

By joining our community, we will help you optimise vital aspects of life, providing you with better direction and a greater purpose, along with action plans and an arsenal of life-changing knowledge. By achieving this, as a collective, we will have a massive impact on the communities that we serve, thus building a better future for our nation and our children.

Our programs and services cover three main areas, these are: GRIND, KIND and MIND. GRIND is our focus on optimising work-ethic, energy levels, goal-setting, income and more. KIND is our focus on community, upliftment and the phenomenal growth that is achieved with generosity and kindness. MIND is our embrace of the vital importance of mental health, inner peace and joy. We believe that it is the foundation of a great life. We see MIND as the core of our training and support in the community, so that all other areas can be optimised to their full potential.

In line with our focus on KIND, every order helps us serve 10 nutritious meals to battling families and school children, who are battling to focus and work because of hunger and malnutrition. We actively try to find opportunities with those that we support to try and improve their situation, providing them support, guidance and hope, hence the name of this project, A Million Bowls of Hope. Our goal with this project within our growing community, is to serve a million servings of life-changing nutrition and interactions around South Africa each month, so that we can build a future based on health, collaboration, belief and an unbreakable resilience. 

We look forward to growing with you on this journey of self-optimisation, growth and a better life.